News naacp president demands trump apology

news naacp president demands trump apology

NAACP President Cornell William Brooks is calling on made to NBC News on Friday, questioning the legitimacy of Trump's presidency.
NAACP President Demands Apology From Trump To John Lewis Over told NBC News that the businessman wasn't a “legitimate” president.
RWC News NAACP DEMANDS An Apology From Trump For Telling The The NAACP jumped in to demand an apology from President -elect...

News naacp president demands trump apology flying

John Legend Challenges Men To Join The Fight For Women's Rights BEFORE They Have Daughters. Trump: 'I couldn't care less about... Skip to main content. After that, you will be redirect to your options page.

news naacp president demands trump apology

About Democracy Remixed the Book. And what does that have to do with John Lewis saying the Russians tampered with our elections? Michelle Obama is Back, And We're in Love With Her Timeless Colorblock Dress. Cornell William Brooks, the organization's president and CEO, called for the move on Twitter:. Add your two cents. Get the latest up to date information in Right Wing Politics. Senior Politics Editor, HuffPost. Why the polls are wrong about. More From The Web. If you really want to ban this commenter, please write down the reason:. Sign up for our daily email. ICYMI: Check Out This Video Of Celebs Who Want You…. Creating War While Leading Through Opposition!

Lawrence O’Donnell Apologizes To Donald Trump

News naacp president demands trump apology -- tri

The Best Sex Toys Based On Your Zodiac Sign. Cynthia Erivo Has A Message For Those Who Think Blonde Hair Makes Her Less 'Woke'. Skip to main content. A clear line had been drawn in the sand. We have three core areas of focus: knowledge, voice, and action. The Black Youth Project examines the attitudes, resources and culture of the young black millennials. You may share this post on Facebook and Twitter.

news naacp president demands trump apology