Political science learning objectives

political science learning objectives

The Political Science Department emphasizes these learning objectives: them to the disciplines, concepts, and scientific methods of political science. Majors.
Political science students should be able to:Core Courses:Comprehend the basic structures and processes of government systems and/or theoretical.
Goals and Learning Objectives. Students will acquire a working knowledge of the American political system. This will include gaining an understanding of the.

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Play the role of a member of either institution in an in-class simulation with a high level of authenticity. You are using an outdated browser. Identify and discuss the major Supreme Court cases that have had landmark importance in our interpretation of the distribution of power in the American structure of government. Describe and analyze cases in the past century in which conflict was resolved without violence. Integrate theoretical perspectives to consider innovative ways of explaining foreign policy behavior.

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Discuss the major theories of congressional behavior and presidential power that have been put forth by scholars. Research skills: Students should have the research skills necessary to ask and answer basic political questions. Evaluate why voter turnout as a percentage of eligible voters has declined at the same time that the base of suffrage has expanded, and consider why voter turnout is lower in the United States than in most European countries. Compare and contrast political and educational leaders, and analyze similarities and differences.

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Political science learning objectives Substantive knowledge: Students should have a basic knowledge of the political world, including the ideas, institutions, processes, and policies of the United States and selected other societies, as well as the history and organization of the international. School of Language, Culture and Society. Fraternity and Sorority Life. Compare the making of foreign policy in different issue areas such as national security policy, foreign economic policy, human rights policy, environmental policy, and the fight against terrorism. Selected US National Government-Related Items.
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QUESTIONS UNABLE COMPILE ANDROID PROJECT Use feminist and other gender-related critical methods to evaluate arguments, language, and evidence about power relationships within account services rates mortgage, politics and broader society. Write persuasively about major issues of conservation, public policy and education related to national parks, political science learning objectives. Participate in a mock Supreme Court case by preparing and presenting an effective oral argument. Mount Union can offer something that most other schools cannot: It can provide you with the education you would find at a big state school but with the added benefit of small classes and faculty members who really know their students. Compare the institutions, political culture and behavior of United States government with another nation. Opportunities such as Model United Nations, internships, mock trial and international security simulations and preparing graduates for career success are offered for Political Science students.