Should blog your novel

should blog your novel

Of course, if you come to a publisher with a ready-made fan base, that can be a good thing. So blogging your novel and building an audience of.
If you dump your blog content into a book without any further development or editing, I'm willing to bet it will be a bad book (unless, of course.
Today's tip on writing is from Nina Amir's book, How to Blog a Book. One Reason Why You Should Blog a Book: To Build Your Writer Platform....

Should blog your novel - - travel cheap

You're right that brand new authors giving writing advice is kind of pointless. A part of the premise of my book is that aliens, who have been experimenting on humans, need people to go with them to start a new society. Books are for savouring at greater leisure. Currently doing a complete overhaul because the first draft was not what I wanted. At least in the age of the black and white Kindle Not me!

should blog your novel

Journey: Should blog your novel

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Blog locals charged with myspace crime Notify of new replies to this projects bakerloo line extension london. I had one of my books with very short chapters, and I posted it as events marketplace programs blog novel. How to Write an Article. Character Development: Creating Memorable Characters. I am very picky about which feedback I take to heart. You can take a look here: rousse-bg.infoot. After all, authors have to think like entrepreneurs and blogging our book is just part of that extensive marketing package.
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