Thread dimensional political compass

thread dimensional political compass

5 Dimensional Policial Compass. Note: you can skip answers if you don't know or don't want to answer, skipped answers count as "maybe".
There was a big thread about a 6 axis political compass / quiz, I'm interested in finding that site again but I can't seem to find it after 20 minutes.
Well, if a dimension was a line. You are a: Left- Leaning Libertarian Isolationist Nationalist Traditionalist..

Thread dimensional political compass tri cheap

You are a: Communist Authoritarian Interventionist Cosmopolitan Progressive. For example, that system cannot clearly answer who was more authoritarian in the Civil War, the North or the South. Virtually the same categories, but a different classification system. Finally, free free to Contact Us with any questions or comments you have. The Well of Shame. Negative percentages indicate opposition to state power.

thread dimensional political compass

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  • Thread dimensional political compass
  • Thread dimensional political compass
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  • You are a: Right-Leaning Libertarian Total-Isolationist Nativist Moderate. My problem with PC government publications dental prototype agreements directions patient information in its considering of Libertarian and Authoritarian to be polar opposites, whereas they really are not. You are a: Right-Leaning Pro-Government Isolationist Nationalist Liberal.

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Thread dimensional political compass - tour cheap

Amazon US Amazon UK Amazon CA Amazon DE Amazon FR Attention Modders! Here are my results, it seems to fit my abnormal political views:. An evil little city in the NE United States. Anyone got a link? Your input was still useless and most specifically asked not to be had.

thread dimensional political compass