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Ce document appelé attestation d'accueil est établi par la personne qui l' accueillera Vérifié le 22 juin 2016 - Direction de l'information légale et administrative   Missing: files ‎ file.
vos besoins en terme d'accueil, d'accompagnement et de prise en charge. . démarches administratives et leur vie quotidienne. .. tique pour l' utilisateur, les lignes régulières du réseau .. les pièces, les escaliers, la cuisine et la salle de bains Le Conseil général est le chef de file de l'action sociale en faveur des.
Cahier spécial des charges –Système de gestion des files .. Documents et attestations à joindre à l'offre. Liste des critères d'attribution et méthode d'évaluation. Garantie – service après-vente – pièces de rechange. .. La formation des utilisateurs clés (+/- 50 personnes) et mise à disposition de la....

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The CE marking is affixed by the manufacturer established inside or outside the Union , or by his authorised representative established within the Union. It must be noted that there is no obligation for a body to offer services for more than one module, but it must take on the responsibility for a whole module. Accordingly, such legislation may constitute a measure having an effect equivalent to a quantitative restriction on imports. Relevant information to be exchanged on issues relating to negative conformity assessment results should thus primarily concern the refusal to issue a conformity assessment attestation identifying the product and manufacturer in question. The notified body assesses the quality system. Conformity assessment is the responsibility of the manufacturer, whether the legislation provides for the involvement of a notified or in-house accredited conformity assessment body, or not. The principles of the New Approach laid the foundation for European standardisation in support of Union harmonisation legislation. In these cases the Commission ensures by non-publication a correct application of relevant Union harmonisation legislation and a coherent and proper functioning of the Single Market.

Member States must provide in their national legislation for appropriate measures both to prevent the abuse and misuse of CE marking, and to redress the situation if such abuse or misuse takes place. It also applies to used and second-hand products imported from a third country, including products resulting from the preparation for re-use of electrical or electronic waste, when they enter the Union market for the first time, but not to such products already on the market. The Commission formally requests the European standardisation organisations to present harmonised standards by issuing a standardisation request mandate. Importers placing products on the Union market from third countries are all considered to be producers under the Directive on product liability. Notified bodies must provide relevant information to their notifying authority, the market surveillance posting director category sales team operations and other notified bodies. They have to know, renate stendhal social history instance, which products must bear the CE marking, what information is to accompany the product for example the EU declaration of conformitywhat are the language requirements for labelling, user instructions or other accompanying documents, and what is a clear indication of the product being non-compliant. So, if the product is marketed under another person's name or trademark, this person will be considered as the manufacturer. The Directive also lays down the minimum requirements for the display screen and other equipment.

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The Member State that has notified the body which subcontracts part of its work must be capable of ensuring effective monitoring of the competence of the body subcontracted by the notified body. The EU declaration of conformity is the document that states that that the product satisfies all the relevant requirements of the applicable legislation. The distributor is a natural or a legal person in the supply chain, other than the manufacturer or the importer, who makes a product available on the market. The role of harmonised standards in complying with applicable essential requirements identified by a manufacturer — a generic philosophy for cases where a manufacturer needs to identify applicable essential requirements:. When essential requirements are covered only partially, it should be clearly indicated in the standard. The dialogue between standardisation bodies and public authorities and, when appropriate, their participation in the standardisation process should, nevertheless, help to ensure that the terms of the standardisation request are correctly understood and public concerns are properly taken into account in the process.

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